“Surprise and Delight.”

Anyone working in sales or any customer facing career has likely heard this phrase. Maybe you’re even tired of hearing about it!

The basic concept: to attract new customers or nurture current ones, surprise and delight them. It’s a marketing tactic — a way to ‘touch’ customers occasionally and offer unexpected rewards.

In other words, give your customers or clients a delightful surprise now and then! That promotes customer loyalty and engagement, keeps your business top-of-mind and reduces churn, ultimately increasing profitability for you or your business.

I recently had the pleasure of reading John Ruhlin’s Giftology

I recently stumbled upon this — written during my senior year in college, but still a good reminder.

Many retailers are opening on Thanksgiving Day to get a jump on “Black Friday.” That spurred a backlash on Facebook, with people posting vows to stay home with their families on Turkey Day.

But there’s one point getting lost in the debate. It’s not just a matter of family time or shopping. Instead of spending the day focused on what we want to acquire, we need to keep just one day dedicated to focusing on what we already have. …

As a loyal fan of Starbucks’ app and its rewards program, I’ve seen exactly how incentives and dynamic pricing work — because at Starbucks, they work on me.

The rewards program is aimed at bringing customers back — not just back at some point, but back soon, within a specific time period — maybe in the next few days, or one afternoon this week.

For me, it’s completely irrational. I know it’s not logical. Yet I can’t help myself. I might stop at Starbucks a few extra times a week knowing I’ll earn a free drink soon, when I rack…

With Memorial Day on Monday, many of us are packing our bags to get away this weekend, leaving most fitness studio classes partially or mostly empty. For many studios, this weekend marks the beginning of a seasonal downturn — the slow days of summer. Cue the deal emails: “20% off any purchase now through the end of the holiday weekend!” Deals certainly can be a great way to counteract the downturn, but only when used in a careful, strategic way — and I have advice about how to do just that!

In annual revenue reports, it may appear that offering…

Ginny Jacobs

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